Stephanie Rumbley

Executive Vice President, Business Development
Bachelors- University of Missouri, Class of 1992

Stephanie K. Rumbley is a seasoned and highly accomplished Executive Vice President of Business Development with over two decades of experience in the global manufacturing and government interface sectors. She has consistently demonstrated her exceptional skills in sales, strategy, and leadership, earning Her recognition by consistently ranking among the top 10% of sales quota throughout her career.

Professional Background:

With a strong foundation in business development, Stephanie embarked on her professional journey, rapidly ascending the corporate ladder and becoming a trusted executive within the industry. Her career highlights include:

  • Global Manufacturing Expertise: Stephanie has honed her expertise in the global manufacturing sector through her extensive experience working with renowned industry leaders. She has played a pivotal role in forging strategic alliances, facilitating international partnerships, and expanding market share on a global scale.
  • Government Interface: A key aspect of Stephanie’s success has been her ability to navigate the complex landscape of government relations. She has effectively collaborated with government agencies, fostering relationships that have been instrumental in the success of various projects and initiatives.
  • Sales Excellence: Throughout her career, Stephanie has consistently exceeded sales targets and quotas. Her relentless drive, innovative sales strategies, and client-centric approach have enabled Her to secure major deals and partnerships, contributing significantly to the growth and profitability of the organizations she has served.