Katherine Fredlund

Executive Vice President, Finance

Katherine is the Executive Vice President of Finance at Condor Defense, where she spearheads the financial operations of the company and is instrumental in ensuring steadfast adherence to government regulations and efficient contract management. With her extensive proficiency in financial and business management, Katherine has demonstrated a remarkable adeptness in serving both government and commercial sectors.

Her notable expertise encompasses the intricacies of government contracts and the maintenance of financial compliance, including a profound understanding of FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) Regulations, Contract Management, Cost Accounting Standards, and Government Contract Accounting. Throughout her career, Katherine has been resolute in implementing streamlined financial processes, aiding small businesses in obtaining their growth goals. She has been pivotal in establishing robust business practices and operational procedures that serve as the bedrock for sustainable business expansion.

In pursuit of professional development, Katherine has acquired certifications that underscore her dedication to excellence. Notably, in 2021, she earned certifications in both Government Contract Accounting and Federal Acquisition Regulations, underscoring her mastery in managing the financial dimensions of government contracts and ensuring business compliance. Furthermore, her certification in Executive Leadership from the University of Notre Dame exemplifies her exemplary leadership skills and her capacity to steer organizations toward success.

Before embarking on her successful finance and business career, Katherine contributed her invaluable skills to the US Army in Logistics Operations, a role that honed her discipline, organizational prowess, and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, she served as a certified Law Enforcement Officer in the state of Florida, showcasing her commitment to public service and upholding the rule of law.